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Most common mistakes when moving out

Hiring a professional moving company or do it on your own?

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Most common mistakes when moving out

When it comes to moving out, depending on how many personal belongings you have accumulated over the years, you will have to choose between hiring a professional moving company or do it on your own. The physical work of loading packages and boxes may seem an easy job at first sight, however sometimes it could be very challenging, stressful and frustrating when you do it on your own. Sometimes it is a hard decision to make since costs can be very high depending on where you are moving and how many personal belongings you have. Weather it is a local moving or long distance moving It is always advisable to leave the move in expert hands, but that is a personal decision that needs to be carefully and reasonably evaluated. Many people are constantly asking themselves what kind of dangers and risks they have to consider when doing the move on their own.

What kind of errors and even dangers would they encounter when they make the move on their own. Since it is recommended hiring the services of a professional moving company, but not everyone can afford to hire this type of services, it is very important to understand and to be as prepared as possible for the adventure involved in moving a house. The goal is to save money, time and avoid unnecessary injuries.

Frequently Mistakes that you may make when you do the move on your own

Packing the wrong way

When it comes to packing valuable items and personal items of significant and emotional value, sometimes people are not careful and pack all the items without previously classifying them. Many times they can pack delicate items such as crockery, plates, porcelain, electronics, and ornaments in the same box of solid items such as heavy tools, screws, chairs and other items that could break or damage the most delicate items. So it is very important to classify all the items before packing and make sure the delicate items are properly wrapped with Bubble wrap or have some extra protection like blankets when you pack them in the boxes.

To assume that it is always cheaper to make a move on your own

Most likely you will use every logical argument to avoid hiring a moving company and when it comes to comparing the investment that involves moving with the help of a professional to the money that will cost you to make the move on your own, it could be a little tricky.

So it is important to keep in mind a some important points: If your move is local, you already have some experience in moving, you don’t have many personal belongings and you have many friends willing to help you, it is likely that it makes sense to make the move without outside help. However, if you do not meet these conditions, it is possible that the cure is worse than the disease and you could end up spending more money than planned. In order to compare hiring a moving company option vs do it your own option it is very important to have some considerations:

Do you know what it costs to rent a van or truck? Do you have experience driving this type of vehicle? How much do the packing boxes cost? Do you need any type of tool in particular for DIY jobs that surely you should undertake? Are there lifts in the homes of origin and destination? How do you plan to move the refrigerator, the washing machine or the dishwasher in case you need to move them? Do you have enough help?

believing that you have a lot of time to prepare the move

One of the most common mistakes when making a move on your own is to believe that you have all the time in the world. The consequence of this is that you will not dedicate enough time to prepare the move (packing and packaging, preparation, organization, etc.) so if you don’t start getting ready early, the work will be accumulated.

Removing furniture takes time. There will not always be a good place to park the van. Someone will have to take care of walking the dog. Children cannot lift heavy boxes. These are just some of the problems that require your attention, and require it in advance of the day of the transfer. So it is very important to consider these little details. A to do list will help a lot so you can plan every single detail about your move. Remember not to leave everything for the last moment.

To choose a vehicle of inadequate size

This situation is the most common mistake when you make a move on your own. Van rentals are not cheap and you cannot afford to return to the rental company to change the vehicle for a larger or smaller one (depending on the size of the truck that you are looking for). This situation would take a great loss of time and surely some impact in your budget since some companies charge by the hour. So what would be the best option? If the van is too small, you should leave objects on the ground, which is not reasonable. If the vehicle is too big, you risk having your things break or fall if you do not secure the load properly inside. Another possibility is that a friend lends you his van, but it has to be the perfect size otherwise you would have the problems. So it is very important to have an accurate estimate on how many Cubic Feet your move has in order to rent the proper Truck.

Assume you will not need help from anyone

It is practically impossible that you can undertake a move on your own without any help. Moving the entire contents of a house to another place is an ambitious achievement, even if you do it as a couple, it is not realistic to believe that only one person can do it. So keep in mind that you need to have some friends or family members come over to help you move.

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