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10 tips to pack efficiently your moving boxes

Pack your moving boxes efficiently DIY

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10 tips to pack efficiently your moving boxes


1. Sweep each room properly

Sweep room by room from the house and choose only the items that you are willing to take with you. Pick and choose all the items that you want to throw away, or you are willing to give away for donation or want to sell. It is important to consider if you move to a bigger house you do not need to throw anything away because you will have more room. On the other hand if you are moving to a smaller house it is a great opportunity to get rid of all the things that you are not using. Having to carry a lot of boxes is a torture. Take out everything you have in the rooms and separate all the clothes, shoes, classify and organize everything. You can decide what you are going to wear or not.

2. Make lists of all the items you have and assort them per room

You can organize your list for instance like this: bathroom – Number of boxes:3. Kitchen – Number of boxes:6. Kids Room: number of boxes 6 etc.

3. Look at companies that can help you move

Whether you are doing the move on your own or are planning to hire some help it is always important to do a research and compare prices to see if it fits our budget. Many times it is more useful to pay a company to do the job. You could be surprised on how affordable it can be. The key is to do a lot of research. You can do a quick search on Google looking for: “local affordable moving companies”. If you decide to go on your own find a truck according to your move. There are people who need a very large truck depending on the size of the move and other people are going to need a much smaller van that can store their personal belongings. Just pick up the right fit.


4. Have a good permanent marker , tape and boxes

Have a permanent marker to mark each of the boxes that you are filling so when unpacking it will be easier to identify what you have previously packed in each box. It is also essential to have a good adhesive tape. We must make sure that this brand new and is very strong because if it is to old and no longer glued, the boxes will be dismantled and in the middle of our move the boxes will open and all our personal items will drop. It is also important to have cardboard boxes that are strong and resistant. Sometimes people use boxes of clothing stores that have been previously used for other purposes and these boxes are not always strong and resistant for removals so it is often better to go to our nearest provider such as Home Depot or Lowes to buy this type of boxes. From any point of view it is highly advisable to buy boxes, or plastic containers to store all our personal items.

5. Mark each box not only by place of the house but by type of article

For example we can add tags to the boxes such as "Children's room - toys", or "kitchen-utensils" or "room - ornaments" "library - books" In this way we can perfectly identify each of our personal objects and then It will simplify the hole process to us of finding each box.

6. Separate the items that have more value in boxes

When you separate the items of high value so that they can be stored in separate boxes and put into your private vehicle you would have peace of mind. Whether you hire a company or your do your own moving is highly advisable to separate valuables in boxes or suitcases so that you have identified them and take them all the time with you. These can be passport, id, important documents, jewelry, money and other items of value.

7. Do not close the boxes until the day of the move.

All people want to move quickly through this situation and only think about finishing the move quickly. Many times we rush to quickly close the boxes and the last day we remember that we forgot to put an item in any of the boxes, then once the box is closed we have to go back to find the knife to break the tape, open the box and be able to put our article back in the box. For this reason it is absolutely essential to close the boxes only on the last day of the move.


8. Leave each box in the corresponding place of the house until the last moment

Do not start mixing them all because if you forget to pack something in the boxes this can be a problem and it will take you more time and more work to have to look for the specific box to pack the corresponding article. So it is essential to leave them in the corresponding room until the last day.

9. Keep record of the status of your personal belongings

In case the move is not made by you, but you hire another company, it is essential that you check the status of the boxes, furniture and other personal items before, during and at the end of the move. Before assembling the furniture to the truck take pictures or videos to make sure of how the items are. Once your items are mounted to the truck it is essential to take pictures if necessary again of how the truck is dispatched and in what condition the items are. And then finally once the household arrives at its destination, it is necessary to check again and compare with the previews state in which the items were shipped to confirm that everything arrives in good condition.

10. Pack the essential items at the last moment.

There are very important items for us such as the toothbrush, toothpaste, some food, if you have a pet, pack your food at the last moment.


11. Bonus tip Do not buy boxes that are too big

Many times we try to finish packing faster and we buy extra-large boxes just because we think it helps us finish faster however when loading these boxes it is more difficult because they will be heavier, and it will take longer to move them from one place to another. Another problem with large boxes is that they can be disarmed when loaded, because with all the heavy items that we put inside them, they become heavier and can be opened and disarmed. This would make us lose a lot of time and in the end it is not worth all that lost time.

Hopefully you can take advantage of these tips but keep in mind that the most important thing when you are moving is planning so save some time to do some planning before your move. For more helpful info go to our blog